Frequently Asked Questions

Leads Direct has a technical support staff that is the envy of our industry, and can usually provide either the answers to our customers' questions or a route to find that information if it is available and do so in very short order. Indeed, even some of our suppliers rely on us for assistance with technical matters.

Our support staff frequently find themselves asked to provide answers to questions that have been asked before, and this results in one of two things happening - either we include the answers in our Technical Library section where you can find information on things like SCART wiring, S-Video wiring, Mains wiring and connectors, International Voltages and so on, or else we add them to our FAQ pages.

This is the jumping off point for our FAQs. To view them just click one of the page links below and you will be able to browse through the questions laid out in 'question and answer' format.

  • Sales FAQs - Questions relating to sales matters such as invoicing, product images and specifications, and so on.
  • Technical FAQs - Questions about technical matters such as manufacturing tolerances, the best types of cable or lead to use for AV connections, and so on.
  • General FAQs - Other more general questions about us an the goods and services we provide, including Contact, Telephone Numbers, our Environmental andRecycling Policies, etc.

If you can't find the answer you require on these pages, please feel free to contact us by whatever method you prefer and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

Please the fastest result please email and we will try to both answer your question and make sure that the information is made available through these pages for future reference


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